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Landscape Lighting  Products

Nestor's provides customers with a selection of the best landscape

lighting fixtures and products, suited perfectly to your design needs.

We offer architectural cast aluminum and brass fixtures with stainless steel multi-tap transformers with timer & photo-cell option with lifetime warranty . Vincent Nestor dedicates a good deal of time seeking  out unique and functional fixtures that are perfect for his clients' landscapes. You can count on Georgia Lighting, Nestor's Landscapes Lighting to make your landscape as beautiful by night as it is by day.


With Nestor's - expect the unexpected.  Whether your design calls for a modern motif or a medieval look, your lighting will reflect exquisite taste and artistry - and will be anything but ordinary.

Vince Nestor has the vision to make your home a stunning masterpiece of illumination. 

Why Choose Nestor's Landscape Lighting in Atlanta for your night lighting needs?


You take pride in your landscape. It's more than a yard. It's a refuge for relaxation, and a place to enjoy time spent with family and friends. Nestor's Landscape Lighting can transform a dark place into a relaxing place to spend the evening.

Nestor's Landscape Lighting provides these important benefits:

  • Beautify your environment: Make focal points stand out and give definition to special architectural features. 

  • Usability: Landscape lighting can prolong the time you spend outdoors. Patios, pools, and even play areas can be utilized beyond the normal daylight hours.

  • Safety: Safety hazards such as stairs and steps, low-hanging branches, and changes in elevations can be safe to walk at any time. 

  • Security: Intruders avoid well-lit landscapes. They prefer unlit lawns to conceal their movements.

Georgia Lighting

Georgia Lighting is owned by Nestor's Landscape and Sprinklers. We also provide professional landscaping services from the installation of plants to the construction of patios, walkways and water features, we design and install a wide range of landscape elements for your home or business, including landscape lighting.

Call Vince Nestor Today. You'll never need to find another landscaper.

We're family owned and operated and we've been in business nearly 40 years.
We'll be here when you need us. We serve the Atlanta Area.
Call 770-410-9356 or contact us here. 

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